Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wats Dat? ........Philly Shopholic.????

TODAY WAS AWESOME!! I went along for a shopping adventure down Center City aka Walnut & Chestnut Street. With me came my roommate Taydra and my friend Angelo. Together we embarked on a mission..retail therapy. First we made a pit stop at VZW so that I could get my glyde software updated. BOY DO I LIKE IT! Afterwards, we hit the stores. Many stores...back-to-back. Our first task was to find dresses for our midnight...oops i mean...MOONLIGHT... cruise on friday...*sidebar* which i am please to announce that my wonderful love will be attending because I said so :)....*anywho* I found a cute black, white, and silver dress..that is also strapless. This is something AMAZING...due to my lack of wanting to dress roommate got a cute little black dress and some heels. I also got a orange sundress that makes my look like the little native I am...and some sandals and purse and jewelry. Couldn't help but to get more jeans! (thats just me) O yea and a white cardigan! I spent sooo much time in H&M today it made no sense! Plus there are not one...BUT TWO H& on each street....HOW AWESOME! The other stores visited are my little secret..hehe...My next purchase will be a gift for the love due to him leaving me in the teen years:( Well here are the pictures of the new editions to the wardrobe. P.S. I am going to find a Salvation Army to give half of my clothing to. I realize that I have to much...well you can't really have 2 much...*SMILEZ n GIGGLEZ*

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  1. love both the dresses!
    shopping does the heart good