Thursday, March 26, 2009

134 miles

How can 1 be lonely, when they have one of the greatest {connect} anyone could possibly have? Basically it all comes down to the leading force. My heart is being stretched between the grimy streets of Philly, through the bareness of Deleware, to the harbor tunnels of Bmore, into the homeland. My heart is frantically beating for it wishes to be whole again. It's not complete without all of me. Loneliness is desperately stalking my heart as if it were the next months rent. My heart wishes to be RED and not green with envy because others are happily interwined with their others. They should really consider themselves to be lucky..because my luck has ran short. So everyday I go on as if everything is ok. I constantly just remind myself of a soon to come special day. A day when such loneliness will be a thing in da past...a figment of my imagination. 134 miles and waiting......

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