Tuesday, May 5, 2009


so i thought that a blog was a place to vent but i guess i was mistaken
my last post was how i was feeling and partially still am
i guess people unconsciouly play a role in that and are too wrapped up in (???) to realize it
but i'm not going into that
or into detail in this post for that matter
i just wanted to say that while my hopes for this summer look bright
my eyes are wide open and full of optimism
it may turn out a little hazy and gray
but hopefully my dreams will become a reality
and all doubts will fade away
i leave school tomorrow on that long journey home
i'm mucho excited about it and can't wait
too bad i'll be back in this loser-ish state before i get back home good
graduations are momentous occasions but suck and are boring as hell haha
congrats to the college class of 2009 =]
i don't really have much to say today
i just caught a case of boredom and something was bothering me
but like i said before
i'm NOT going into detail in this post
or at all actually
i don't feel like dealing with the stress and frustrations
every pair of eyes perceives the world in a different way
and 9 times out of 10 they won't ever see things the same way
so its no point of even going into depth
let's just leave this one shallow
all i have to say is that i have one more day
and i don't know if this deserves a YAY!!!


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